Strona zawiera ogłoszenia towarzyskie i seks anonse których dodawanie jest bezpłatne.

Ogłoszenia towarzyskie pań, panów, par, duety w przeważającej ilości sa to seks anonse prywatne wraz ze zdjęciami.
Dostęp do ogłoszeń towarzyskich mogą mieć tylko osoby pełnoletnie.

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Bragina and hers supervisors, issued a document, about risk of tortures Sexi piersi pupa w Korczyna and danger of loss of my life, after Poznam pana w Michalowice deportation me to Poland. So they were obliged to issue asked document for me, this is normal procedure. I did, they agreed, but next refused. I still want, that Canadian lmmigratiion Services, issued that document Poznam pana w Michalowice for me. But was not any answer, they had possibility for this.

That Prosecutor will want to see it too, i am sure. Every day, l sent to lmmigratiion requests, that they arranged to bring the rest of my belongings from Shelter. Once, was a telephone from lmmigratiion, that l should apply to TRAC in this case Poznam pana w Michalowice. Because would be very good proof for corruption of that officers, what a pity. The next court.

Is question Poznam pana w Michalowice. Why lmmigratiion officers, didn't want me to see them face to face on my requests, what they were obliged. These documents, my requests for lmmigratiion, will be good proofs for Prosecutor investigation. As well was not any answer on this request.